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Skin Rejuvenation Season Is Here!

Did you know that the fall and winter months are unofficially nicknamed skin rejuvenation season in the aesthetic industry? Are you wondering why? Simply put, skin renewal is a fragile business, requiring vigilant protection of your newly treated skin from the sun. In the cooler months, when the sun is less intense and you’re indoors more often, protecting your vulnerable skin is much easier!

Woman holding a leaf

Now that you know about skin rejuvenation season, let’s talk about the benefits of skin renewal.

Reversing sun damage

Living in Nevada isn’t easy on skin. When you undergo a skin rejuvenation treatment, you are removing old skin and stimulating the growth of healthy new skin. The benefits of this renewal speak for themselves: smoother texture, smaller pore size, diminished lines and age spots, brighter tone and so on…

One of our all-time-favorite skin revivers is IPL photofacial, which stimulates skin with intense pulses of light to correct pigmentation and other discoloration concerns without any downtime.

Another tried-and-true complexion perfector without a moment of downtime is HydraFacial®. Did you know that HydraFacial is a hydradermabrasion treatment? Broken down, that means hydra (water), derm (skin) and abrasion (scraping away). With HydraFacial, you are using water and vortex suction to “scrape” away dead, dull skin cells and debris, revealing brighter, intensely cleaned skin without any irritation. More than that, HydraFacial infuses skin with results-driven ingredients like peptides and hyaluronic acid, tailored to your exact needs, to restore moisture and stimulate renewal.

Getting your glow on

Skin rejuvenation, no matter which treatment you do, helps brighten dullness and improve your skin’s radiance from the inside out. That’s the best part about skin renewal; you’re not putting on makeup for a “fake” glow — you’re revitalizing your complexion at a cellular level for a lit-from-within look you can’t get from any bottle!

Staving off the aging process

By incorporating skin rejuvenation treatments into your routine skin care, you’ll be able to enjoy long-term revitalization and buildable benefits. The more you do, the better your benefits will be, with diminished lines and wrinkles, plumper, firmer texture, more even tone, brightened dullness, clearer skin and more.

To maintain the benefits of your professional skin treatments, we recommend using medical-grade skin care products. This month, you’ll receive 10% off all skin care products at Sikara! To learn more about skin rejuvenation, please call 702.778.6886 or fill out our online consultation request form today!