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What You Don’t Know About Sunscreen Can Harm Your Looks! Sikara Medspa, Las Vegas, NV

May is skin cancer awareness month, so we’re eager to spread awareness about the importance of protecting your skin from the sun and reducing your risk of skin cancer. You can do this by wearing sunscreen every day of the year. Now, here’s what you probably don’t know: Sunscreen does a whole lot more than just protect your skin from the sun!

woman with sunscreen on her nose and checks

Here’s a look at three surprising benefits of certain medical-grade sunscreens, and why, after reading this blog, you won’t ever want to leave your house again without slathering it on!

1. Physical sunscreens are superior.

At Sikara Medspa, we provide a selection of medical-grade sunscreens, including our best seller Alastin® HydraTint Pro Mineral. This sunscreen uses PHYSICAL UV-blockers, not chemicals, to protect your skin from the sun. Physical blockers include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which work as physical barriers to keep the sun’s rays from penetrating skin. Physical blockers have several benefits. For starters, they keep the sun from literally penetrating the dermis, unlike chemical sunscreens, which allow the rays to penetrate before chemically disabling them. Another vital reason to embrace physical sunscreen: the jury is still out on the safety of chemical sunscreens and their effect on the environment.

2. Medical-grade sunscreen features superior ingredients!

Medical-grade formulas are packed with loads of replenishing ingredients like antioxidants which work to protect skin from environmental stressors like pollution while also fending off infrared-generated free-radicals, which age skin before its time. Packed with results-driven ingredients like peptides, these advanced formulations work behind the scenes to enhance the health and look of your skin for the long haul. What’s more, clinical sunscreens are specifically formulated to support particular skin types, including dry, oily or congested skin so you can improve your skin while protecting it!

3. Medical-grade sunscreen makes your skin LOOK better.

Medical-grade formulations may cost more than the SPFs you find at your local drugstore, but they are worth every penny. That’s because medical-grade sunscreens are based on years of research and contain advanced formulations that work to enhance the look and health of your skin simultaneously. Alastin’s HydraTint, for example, is a lightweight, tinted formulation designed to create a healthy, dewy glow. Unlike drugstore sunscreens, which can leave your skin looking white and greasy, Alastin absorbs into your skin with ease, revealing a healthy radiance.

What does all this mean for you? With medical-grade sunscreen, you can enhance the look of your skin today while boosting your skin’s health over time! What’s not to LOVE about that? Ready to find your perfect formula? We can’t wait to help! To learn more about medical-grade skin care, please call (702) 778-6886 or request a personal consultation today.