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All-Natural Total Rejuvenation Las Vegas, NV

Our commitment to providing clients with natural-looking results they’ll love for the long term brings us to an exciting announcement! We are thrilled to now offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments for facial rejuvenation and hair restoration. Natural-looking results are easy to achieve when the method itself is all-natural, which is exactly how PRP works.

Woman with smooth skin smiling

This month, you can turn back the hands of time — on your complexion! — while we’re offering $150 off microneedling with PRP.

PRP is a simple in-office treatment that uses a concentrated portion of your own blood, full of powerful growth and healing factors. When used for facial rejuvenation, PRP naturally revitalizes the look and feel of your skin. We offer two effective types of PRP for facial rejuvenation: PRP facials with microneedling and PRP facelifts with injections.

Here’s what you can expect from these two proven age-defying solutions!

PRP facials & PRP facelifts provide dramatic results:

● Smoother skin texture
● Brighter and more even skin tone
● Replenished facial volume
● Diminished acne scars and other textural irregularities
● Reduced lines and wrinkles
● Smaller pores

During PRP facials with microneedling, we will apply PRP topically over your face while performing microneedling, which enhances the skin’s absorption of PRP while also stimulating your skin’s natural healing response for a synergistic boost of skin renewal.

During PRP facelifts, we will gently inject PRP directly into targeted areas of the skin to replenish lost facial volume, boost blood flow and trigger new cell growth for a brighter, smoother, younger-looking complexion from within. PRP injections are an ideal complement to dermal fillers and Botox® injections, to boost the age-defying benefits of your treatment.

If you’re ready for a naturally radiant look this year, the best way to get started is by giving us a call today at 702.778.6886 or requesting a consultation online. Our dedicated staff can help you determine the ideal PRP treatment to help you reach your aesthetic goals and love your look in 2021!