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Not All CoolSculpting Treatments Are Created Equal! Las Vegas, NV

When it comes to aesthetic treatments, we know you’re inundated with ads and promotions every day of the year, especially during the hectic holiday season, so we’re feeling inspired to keep it simple for you here Sikara Medspa. For your safety during this uncertain time, please be assured that every treatment or product we offer is available for pre-purchasing. Our products are also available for curbside pickup! You can secure any discount this season simply by calling us and pre-purchasing at 702.778.6886. You can also fill out our online consultation request form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

We get asked about CoolSculpting’s effectiveness on a regular basis, so we felt inspired to share one patient’s experience with CoolSculpting in the hopes of helping you better understand this fat reduction treatment and how it can work for you!

A patient, let’s call her Jill, recently came to us complaining about a CoolSculpting® treatment she had undergone at a different practice a few years ago. For most of her adult life, Jill had been bothered by a small double chin and she was hoping to reduce this submental fat with a CoolSculpting treatment. After her CoolSculpting session, she went about her life and waited for her double chin to look smaller. The practice told her to wait at least three months, and she did, and still no results appeared. After the fourth month, she pretty much gave up hope. It’s been years since Jill’s CoolSculpting session and she has yet to see any improvement in her chin. She feels like she wasted her money.

Obviously, Jill is a dissatisfied CoolSculpting patient, and rightfully so! Based on her experience, she believes CoolSculpting doesn’t work, and who can blame her? But based on everything we know about CoolSculpting, we believe Jill was simply a victim of the inexperience of her CoolSculpting providers.

To protect yourself and get the most from your CoolSculpting treatments, here’s what to look out for and tips for boosting your results!

Be wary of the “one-and-done” pitch.

CoolSculpting technology is designed to reduce up to 25% of targeted fat cells per session, but that doesn’t mean CoolSculpting always reduces 25% of your targeted fat cells. Every person responds differently to treatment. While some people may reach their goal with one treatment, most CoolSculpting patients achieve their desired results after undergoing two to three treatments. Had Jill been properly educated about her submental treatment, she would have been told that she would likely need more than one treatment to see her best results.

Understand the technology.

CoolSculpting is designed to reduce very specific pinchable pockets of fat, formally known as subcutaneous fat. This harmless type of fat is located just beneath your skin and is well-known for being “pinch-an-inch” fat with nicknames like “muffin top” or “spare tire.”

If you are generally satisfied with your weight and size but eager to trim down a specific “problem spot” of pinchable fat, then CoolSculpting may be an ideal treatment for you. If, however, you are hoping to reduce your overall size or weight, we may first refer you to a weight loss program before scheduling your CoolSculpting regimen.

We like to think of CoolSculpting as the finishing touch. You do your part by following a healthy diet and exercise regimen and maintaining a stable weight, and CoolSculpting is the “pinch-hitter,” the extra help you need to tame pinchable fat.

Last, but certainly not least: CoolSculpting is the world’s most popular and proven non-invasive fat reduction treatment, with millions of people treated around the world, and counting. If CoolSculpting didn’t work, it wouldn’t remain the leading body contouring treatment year after year.

To learn more about CoolSculpting, please call us for a consultation today! Our CoolSculpting-certified technician has received advanced training to administer the highest level of CoolSculpting treatments.

Call 702.778.6886 or fill out our online consultation request form today and we will get right back to you. We can also arrange for curbside pickup of products. All of us here at Sikara Medspa wish you and your family a very merry and healthy holiday season and New Year! We can’t wait to see you in 2021!