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Boost Your Sexual Wellness this Valentine’s Day Sikara Medspa, Las Vegas, NV

We talk a lot about wellness because it can make such a difference in how we live — and enjoy — our lives. Most people feel uncomfortable mentioning or talking about sexual wellness, but it is our mission to help you achieve total wellness, and sexual wellness is an important part of that. With that in mind, we are proud to announce two new service offerings at Sikara Medspa: the O-Shot® for female sexual wellness and the P-Shot® for male sexual wellness! One of our favorite aspects of these two proven treatments is that they offer significant and all-natural results. This is because they both use the healing and rejuvenating power of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) derived from your very own blood.

Older couple hugging each other

If you’re unfamiliar with the O-Shot and the P-Shot, don’t worry! We’re excited to help you understand more about these treatments and how they can uniquely improve your intimate life.

The O-Shot

Experiencing pleasure and intimacy with your partner is one of the greatest joys of adult life. If you are dealing with low libido or have difficulty achieving orgasm, The O-Shot can help to restore satisfaction with little to no downtime. The O-Shot works by injecting the clitoris and anterior vaginal wall with PRP, a concentrated portion of your blood that is packed with healing and growth factors, to enhance blood flow and stimulate new cell growth for enhanced sensation and pleasure. The O-Shot can also improve symptoms of stress urinary incontinence, to help you live life with more comfort and confidence.

The P-Shot

The P-Shot is designed to help men regain a satisfying intimate life with their partner by restoring their sexual wellness and vitality. The P-Shot is an injection of your very own PRP into the penis to improve blood flow and provide results including increased sensation, ability to get an erection and a longer lasting erection. Most men will see results immediately, but maximum benefits are typically seen up to several weeks after treatment.

Ultimately, we’re proud to be adding the O-Shot and the P-Shot to our service menu because they allow us to do even more to help our clients experience total body wellness — and the confidence and happiness that go along with it! Both of these treatments even come with little to no risk of adverse side effects, since they use your very own blood.

If you’re ready to take total body wellness to the next level and restore your sexual vitality, please call us at (702) 778-6886 or request a personal consultation online today to learn more and get started.